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The Adventures of Franklin Rock

Franklin Rock, Henry, Govinda, Joanna and all of your favorite characters are not gone. They are simply joining others in a multi-volume adventure that will hopefully span many years and deliver hours of pleasure to their fans.

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The Adventures of Franklin Rock
December, 2013
Until then, I leave you with the last paragraphs from Part One:

As instructed by my mentor I opened the plastic case that housed the tape, lifted it, placed it into my small red Panasonic recorder, and hit the play button.

“Hello, Franklin. Since you are playing this tape I have recently died. It’s a bit strange to talk about the fact of one’s death while still very much alive. But as you will learn the line between life and death is actually no line at all.

Lift the book, cover facing you. As I am recording this I am trying to anticipate the look on your face as you read the book’s title. Are you shocked, fascinated, fearful, perplexed? Most likely a bit of them all I would guess. Now open the book to the Table of Contents. Notice that there are twenty-five chapters. You see the page numbers opposite where the chapter titles should be, but of course the names of the chapters are blank. That is because you have yet to write those chapters, so of course they cannot yet be named. And when I say you have yet to write them, I don’t mean that you will necessarily be the author who pens the pages. Your choices and actions will determine their content, and only then will they be written.

Remember our discussion of quantum physics, Franklin? All possible locations for the position of a particle exist simultaneously, and only when an observation is made does the particle make its choice, only then does it have a single, precise location. That is how reality is created, Franklin. All outcomes are possible until a choice is made. Everyone makes choices, literally billions upon billions every day. And so each of us participates in the creation of reality. Each of our choices initiates a cascade of events. A new chapter is written as these choices are made and reality unfolds. That is how the world works, Franklin.

So make your choices, Franklin, and write your story. Here’s a critically important hint: there is no such thing as a “best” choice. Each choice spawns a different reality. One is no better than the next. This will become clear.

One more thing. Recall our conversations about time. You will find the future in the present if you pay close attention. I suggest that you do so.

I will see you in the past, Franklin. And perhaps in your dreams. Godspeed.

As Professor Niemeyer described, the book’s Table of Contents had only page numbers—the twenty-five chapter titles were missing. All of the pages of the book were numbered but otherwise blank, except the title page. I noted the publication date: December 31, 2010, almost thirty years from the present.

What would fill those pages, I wondered? Thirty years worth of events and experiences, thirty years worth of history, thirty years worth of relationships sure to rise and fall. Mine to create, mine to discover. Such a great weight of responsibility should have cowered me, but it did not. I felt exhilarated, elevated by the possible.

“Why wouldn’t everyone want it as much as you?” The words from the voice in my dream returned to me. So that’s it. I shook as if suddenly within a deep freeze. That’s the mission. Which explained the title of the book that lay before me:
The Adventures of Franklin Rock.

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